Monday, November 19, 2012

First post ever! Yippee!

So, here it is--my blog--and I'm super excited! Why am I so thrilled? Because I finally have a new vice; a means to share my expressions, my explorations, my experiences. . .(dig the alliteration? ; ). I'm coming into my own, fearing nothing, developing new skills, and discovering the me that I was meant to be. 

Now, I wouldn't call myself a hoarder, but I've always had these grandiose collections consisting of pens, stationary, watches, and perfume. My husband probably thinks I've gone madd crazy when he peers into our guest bedroom! I've amassed a sizable amount of knickknacks, gadgets, and other paraphernalia that I plan to reimagine/revamp/recreate/remix, whatever choice of wording you prefer. Currently, they're just lying on the bed and on the floor. My goal is to begin tackling the larger projects first; that is, I'm going to paint the walls, put up a craft table, and add some storage for my lovely array of things!

Additionally, over the past few months, I've developed several new. . .let's say. . .hobbies, no interests! I now have a SERIOUS fetish for earrings, nail polish, and vintage fashion. Follow me as I delve in and find my creative inner self.

I thought I'd start off "small" by posting some photos from my recent trip to Jamaica. Sooo, here they are. . .hope you enjoy!

Stephanie and I

Stephanie, ReakHavoK, Dee Dee, Shay Shay

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