Wednesday, November 28, 2012

.Thank you gifts.

I went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica with some friends from work back in September, and to show my appreciation and gratitude for the invite and fun times I decided to make them a gift. My inspiration was one of the (many) pins that I've posted to my craft idea board on Pinterest. Since one of my colleagues adores Hello Kitty, I decided to use that motif for her coasters; I was ambivalent about the design to use for Steph's since I didn't know what her favorite color was, nor did I have any idea what type of characters she might like, so, I went with my gut and selected a vibrant style paper with random "feel good" words--good thing because she said, 'this is so me!' when I presented her gift. These coasters were my first DIY project, and I must say, they turned out quite well, and the ladies have really enjoyed them! Kudos to me! ; )


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