Thursday, January 24, 2013

Orange is my favorite color

Actually, orange and yellow are my favorite colors. I had been in search of an orange purse, but never could quite find one with the perfect shade in the right style, until I saw this Hobo International hobo; it was already 20% off and a friend of mine just so happened to work in the department store where I found it, so she allowed me to use her employee discount--serious score! I hope you like it as much as I do.

 Sweater--TJ Maxx
Skinny corduroys--JC Penny
Orange t-shirt--JC Penny
Riding boots--Dolce Vita
Faux fur hooded wool coat--Delia's
Belt--Thrifted (Goodwill)
Purse--Hobo International (Von Maur)

Leggings at work?

Ever the ponderer, I've always been iffy about wearing leggings in a professional setting. Lately, many of my colleagues have either one, concluded that leggings are indeed appropriate for the workplace, or two, have simply decided to go against the grain and wear them anyway. I suppose I fall somewhere in the between those sentiments; my thoughts are as long as they are not too outlandish (i.e., a wild/crazy print) and you don't reveal too much of your goodies, it's ok to wear them at work. Your thoughts?

Leggings--TJ Maxx
Cami--NY & Co.
Boots--Franco Sarto
Necklace--Boutique in Curacao

To pink, or not to pink...

A lot of my friends favor pink, babies wear pink, A.K.A.'s wear pink...well darn, who doesn't like pink?!? Me, that's who! Well, I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of wearing pink, but when I came across this sweater while thrifting, I fell head over heels for this particular hue. Do you like pink?

Sweater--Thrifted (Gap)
Oxford top--Thrifted (Gap)
Skinny jeans--F21
Riding boots--Dolce Vita (TJ Maxx)
Ring--TJ Maxx


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I realize that plaid has become a recent trend, but I've ALWAYS loved plaid! As you can see, I'm showcasing my new DV boots, remember the ones I told you about...the ones that I purchased on Black Friday. Talk about, they are indeed!

Plaid top--F21
Skinny jeans--Levi's (Macy's)
Cami--Victoria's Secret
Riding boots--Dolce Vita (TJ Maxx)

Can you tell I love wool shorts?!?

In addition to adjusting to my camera, I'm also trying to find a suitable place in my house to take photos. So far, I have been pretty unsuccessful--can you tell? I say that I've been unsuccessful because there is very little natural light flowing into any room after I get home from work and the flash on my camera doesn't seem to bring about any brilliance in my photos; oh well, such as life.

I've been going through a 'wool shorts phase' as of late...I can't seem to get enough of them. Someone asked me, 'Aren't your legs cold?' The truth is, yes, I do get cold, very cold actually; however, you and I both know that fashion sometimes trumps our need to cover up completely!

Cropped sweater--Body Central
Wool shorts--Gap
Jacket--H & M
Scarf--H & M
Purse--Thrifted (Franco Sarto)
Bracelet--TJ Maxx
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