Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can you tell I love wool shorts?!?

In addition to adjusting to my camera, I'm also trying to find a suitable place in my house to take photos. So far, I have been pretty unsuccessful--can you tell? I say that I've been unsuccessful because there is very little natural light flowing into any room after I get home from work and the flash on my camera doesn't seem to bring about any brilliance in my photos; oh well, such as life.

I've been going through a 'wool shorts phase' as of late...I can't seem to get enough of them. Someone asked me, 'Aren't your legs cold?' The truth is, yes, I do get cold, very cold actually; however, you and I both know that fashion sometimes trumps our need to cover up completely!

Cropped sweater--Body Central
Wool shorts--Gap
Jacket--H & M
Scarf--H & M
Purse--Thrifted (Franco Sarto)
Bracelet--TJ Maxx

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