Thursday, May 16, 2013

My ducky spot

Ducky spot? That's what my husband calls a venue where a man/woman takes his mistress/other woman or man in order to remain inconspicuous. Well, I don't have a "ducky spot" for that kind of behavior, but I do when it comes to shopping! Kinda selfish, right? However, when asked nicely, I usually comply and reveal the requested info. 

When I find an article of clothing that's unique, I drool, swoon, etc., and then, I buy! Ok, not EVERY single time I discover a novel piece, but in THIS case (that would be the cardigan), I did just that! (Sorry about the overexposed photos--I'm STILL playing around with my camera!)


Cardigan--One of ducky spots
Tee--JC Penny
Skinny Jeans--Delia's (thrifted)
Riding boots--Dolce Vita (TJ Maxx)
Capricorn bracelet--Rag-O-Rama

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