Saturday, August 10, 2013

Me and my tu-tu

Tulle mini skirt--Two Stylish Kays 
Vest--Body C
Necklace + earrings--Designer Consigns Boutique 
Watch--DKNY (Fossil Outlet) 

Today was a great day! Sooo, this afternoon I went to Vintage Weirdo, which is a vintage clothing store located on North Highland Avenue in Atlanta. I got all sorts of goodies at the "stuff your bag" for $25 sale! Then, I went to support my sister-in-thrift, Wendy (a.k.a. JustJewels4U) at Designer Consigns Boutique in Buckhead. Later, we headed over to Houston's to celebrate Mel's birthday. Be sure to check out our photos!

Have I mentioned that yellow was one of my favorite colors? Well, I fell in love with this tulle mini when I saw it in Two Stylish Kay's online boutique, and I had to have it! If it looks kid-like, that's because it IS! Oh well, I like it anyway! Do you ever buy clothing from the kids' sections? 



ReakHavok, Soo Soo Tasty, and Kisha Rose

Cindy, owner of Priiincesss and I


  1. How cute!!!! Gotta love the kids section!!!

  2. This skirt was perfect for you!! So glad you loved it! Nope I cannot shop in kids :-(


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