Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm #unbothered

This #ootd is two-fold: number one, to show off my crazy personality (I really was #unbothered that day), and number two, to support my thrift sister Keren over at Two Stylish Kays for the Thrift Sisters Link Up. The theme for this week was blazers. I purchased this Gap blazer about two years ago; can you believe it still had the retail tags on it? I know, an awesome score! 

I purchased this skirt earlier this year from Kaleidescope Femme Studio. It was originally longer, but I thought it would be cuter at knee length, so I cut it a few inches. What'cha think?

Blazer--B & R Thrift
Tee--King Tees (IG Retailer)


Thanks for stopping sure to let me know you were here! 



  1. This entire outfit including the ring is SO ME! I love it! Reading your profile I was nodding in agreement! I'm writing my dissertation now- recently divorced- started a new job within my same system! It's a new beginning for me- I'm gonna enjoy it all! Starting to travel more- super excited! Off to stalk your blog😬

  2. Hey Nikkipooh! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment; the love is very much appreciated. Dissertation, huh? Whew, I know all about it! (Let me know if you ever need any help with that...I want to start a support group for women pursing their PhD/EdDs--ahhh, but time escapes me!) Do enjoy your new beginning; the challenges are inevitable, but you MUST maintain your focus, manage your time, and surround yourself with positive people (those who have your back).


  3. First off your amazing second thanks for being amazing I read your blogs every day I see your style your story I know your amazing thanks for being you we need more women too be open and advertising as you are and where on earth did you find your shoes ive been looking high and low for some flat platform shoes ...

    1. Thank you Myesha! ; ) Check out (and also for cool flatforms!


  4. Love this look on you! Too adorable.. Pass the skirt on. Thank you in advance Muah!!!


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