Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thrifter problems:

One of the problems that I have as a thrifter is over-thrifting! Ha! Yeah, it can be such a let-down when I realize that I have two red skirts due to the fact that I purchased the first one year before purchasing the other--that is, I don't remember buying the first red skirt, so I now have two red skirts!

I haven't been thrifting in three weeks thanks (and unbeknownst) to an idea embedded by my thrift sister, Kisha Rose. Instead of going out and purchasing new-to-me items, I've been "shopping my closet," and wearing items that I bought longgggg ago. 

This top is a prime example: purchased from Angel's Vintage Boutique in the summer of 2012, I wore it for the first time today (August 19, 2014)! Ridiculous, I know! Do you ever over-thrift?

 Vintage top--Angel's Vintage Boutique
Vintage skirt--thrifted
Vintage leather belt--thrifted
Vintage necklace--thrifted
Vintage earrings--I honestly don't remember!

(Eyewwww! Please, please, please pardon my chipped nail polish.)

Stay tuned to see more items that I've forgotten about in my closet!


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