Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lil' Bo Reak

Stay calm, it's just me, ReakHavok a.k.a. DrHavok a.k.a. Finding Her Niche. 


I decided to do something different with my hairstyle (obviously, right?). This wig started out as part of my Halloween costume, but I liked it so much, I decided to continue to wear it...especially since I'm trying to let my natural hair grow a bit, AND not to mention these FRIGID Georgia temperatures! Ughhh! 

Turns out, I think the style suits me. What do you think? 

I kinda wish I hadn't sold this dress; it's so freakin' cute! 

Vintage dress--thrifted
Oxford booties--eBay (Nine West)

Your thoughts? 

With much thrift love,



  1. Cuteness! Love this look and your Hairrrrr!

  2. This dress need to make its way over to 365Dresses


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