Monday, August 10, 2015


And now, my story begins...

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to live and teach abroad. Ever the investigator, I performed my due diligence and researched various recruiting agencies, contractual obligations, prospective countries, cultural norms, etc., and landed upon a reputable firm to assist me with my endeavor. Three years later, my dream has now become a reality, and I have reached my new home for the next two years: Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

As I view this as an incredible opportunity, it is my hope to chronicle this journey, document my experiences, and share what is bound to be a colossal adventure with you via this blog and social media outlets. Please drop in on occasion to see what FHN is up to, and be sure to leave a message to let know that you were here! 

Much love,

Finding Her Niche 


  1. I'll be keeping up with you here! Be safe and I'm very happy for you!

  2. Yaaay!!! Glad you made it safely!!!
    A. Bass


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